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How to transfer

How to Transfer money

How to send your money with us

1. Find an IndexTransfers Agency near you.

2. Make sure you have an ID document with you. The documentation required with vary according to the amount you intend to send. In most cases we accept all valid Swiss IDs. If you are a brazilian without a residence permit in Switzerland your passport is also acceptable.

3. We will need the full name of the person receiving the transfer, as well as the relevant bank account data.

4. We need to know how much money you wish to transfer.

*We provide only services for transfers out of Switzerland. We do not receive transfers at this time.
*The time required for the transfer to be available in the destination account depends on the bank’s business hours, working days and holidays, as well as the correct fulfillment of all local regulations and requirements.


+41 44 241 5800
Address: Militärstrasse, 76, 8004. Switzerland.
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+41 91 682 7540
Address: Corso Elvezia, 3, 6900. Switzerland.
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+41 21 218 1890
Address: Av. de la Gare, 17, 1003. Switzerland.
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Speak to our team


+41 79 215 6727

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