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Founded in 2004, our objective is to offer international money transfers with agility, quality and safety. We are continually expanding to more and more countries. Our services are now available at three agencies in Switzerland, in the cities of Zürich, Lugano and Lausanne. We are also available to talk on the phone from 9:00 to 19:00. Our international wire transfer services reach Brazil, Portugal and the Dominican Republic, with more Latin American and European countries coming soon.

Social responsibility

Daily we meet many immigrants who have arrived in Switzerland looking to work and to achieve their dreams. Our goal here at Indextransfers is to help our clients to realize their dreams and, at the same time, to help redress the economic and social inequality that oftentimes exists in our clients’ country of origin.

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+41 44 241 5800
Address: Militärstrasse, 76, 8004. Switzerland.
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+41 91 682 7540
Address: Corso Elvezia, 3, 6900. Switzerland.
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+41 21 218 1890
Address: Av. de la Gare, 17, 1003. Switzerland.
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+41 79 215 6727

+41 79 932 6159

+41 78 201 4441

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